The Battle of the Casbah: Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in Algeria 1955-1957

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Februar 2005



This book is particularly relevant to the current debate on terrorism. That story constitutes the main part of this book. It details the methods used, including torture and summary executions, and the results obtained by the paratrooper commando units led


General Paul Aussaresses was a career French army intelligence officer with an excellent military record during World War II. He was dispatched to eastern Algeria in 1955 where he and his unit fought the rebels of the FLN. He retired after having served a


"A disturbing and sensational memoir!" -The Wall Street Journal, October 17, 2001 "Once you have seen with your own eyes as I did, civilians, men, women, and children quartered, disemboweled and nailed to doors [by the rebels], you are changed for life. What feelings can anyone have towards those who perpetrated such barbaric acts and their accomplices?" -General Paul Aussaresses, quoted in Le Monde, May 4, 2001"
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