Superior Productivity in Health Care Organizations: How to Get It, How to Keep It

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Oktober 2003



Dozens of incisive illustrations, tables, flowcharts, and case studies illuminate the text's core concepts of measurement, accountability, simplicity, and fairness. Get the only book that tackles head on the productivity and viability issues on the minds of hospital administrators, physicians, corporate health system staff, practice management administrators, clinical and technical managers, business planning and financial analysts, marketing specialists, health care consultants, and undergraduate and graduate students in health administration.


"Whether from the point of view of our industry, our own organization, or our individual leadership, we will be stronger for having read this book." - Kenneth D. Graham, FACHE, President & CEO, Overlake Hospital Medical Center, Bellevue, WA; "In an age of increased competition, staffing shortages and declining reimbursement, healthcare executives will ignore this book at their own peril - and those that do take the message to heart will have found a fundamental advantage over their competition." - Carolyn St.Charles, BSN, MBA, Senior Professional Services Consultant "As a CFO, I got a welcomed kick in the pants on the link between productivity and long-term strategy, how to structure incentives, and how to keep managers focused on their departments and executives on the big picture." - Alan E, Fox, CFO, Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, San Francisco"
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