Developing Research Questions

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November 2008



A guide to generating, formulating and refining research questions, this book takes the reader through the processes involved in developing 'researchable' questions, from initial ideas or broad topics. Common problems and mistakes are identified and the links between research questions and research design are discussed.



Where do Research Ideas Come From?

What Makes a Research Question?

What Makes a Question 'Researchable'?

Questions, Methods and Indicators

Answering Research Questions - Claims Evidence and Warrant



'White's book is truly in another league: its depth and usefulness make it one of the most useful books about research I have ever seen.'
- Olivier Ratle, Lecturer in Organization Studies, Bristol Business School, University of the West of England, UK
This book offers a concise and practical engagement of how one develops research questions, and more importantly, how those questions are related to ideas, theories, hypotheses, methods, results and conclusions. It deconstructs the research process to highlight how questions influence the steps involved in planning and carrying out social science research projects.'
- Howard Ramos, Dalhousie University in the Canadian Journal of Sociology.
'Presents a very practical, 'can-do' approach to social science research'
- Geoffrey Walford, University of Oxford in the British Educational Research Journal. 
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