The Mande Blacksmiths: Knowledge, Power, and Art in West Africa

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März 1993



Examining the artistic, technological, social, and spiritual dimensions of Mande blacksmiths, who are the sculptors of their society, this book defines these artists' conceptual place as extraordinary members of a complex culture.


Preface; Note on Orthography; AcknowledgementsI. Blacksmiths in Mande SocietyThe Mande Social System; The Nyamakala Special Professionals; Nyamakala and the Smiths' Ambiguous StatusII. The Mande Smiths as CraftsmenTechniques; Products; ArticulationIII. Smiths and the Shape of Civilized SpaceThe Principles of Medicine and Sorcery; A Hierarchy of Practitioners; Rainmaking; Divination; Doctoring; Amulets and Secret Devices; Social Instrumentality; Circumcision; The Relative Roles of Blacksmiths and HuntersIV. The Blacksmiths' SculptureThe Character of Sculpture and the Other Roles of Smiths; The Smiths' Iron Art; Tamaw: Spear Blades; Fitinew: Iron Lamps; Negemusow and Negesotigiw: Iron Women and Iron Horse Masters; Komokunw: The Power Masks of the Mande SmithsV. The Mande Smiths as Men of MeansThe Problem of Explanations; The Unity of Enterprise; The Resolution of Movement; The Contradiction of Position; The Responsibility of ArtistsNotes; Bibliography; Index


" ... finely crafted scholarship. Elegant and graceful, yet packed with knowledge and information, it embodies the aesthetic qualities which it describes and explores." American Ethnologist "The text is detailed and informative, and enjoyable reading ... " Choice "The Mande Blacksmith is an important book ... sensitive, sympathetic, multifaceted, and thorough ... " African Arts "McNaughton's Mande Blacksmiths is undeniably the most profound study of African artists yet published." Ethnoarts " ... penetrating ... McNaughton boldly grapples with the thorniest issues related to his subject and articulates them with clarity and precision." International Journal of African Historical Studies " ... a work in the best tradition of ethnographic research... critical reappraisal, innovative inquiry, and fresh observation ... make this book an invaluable fund of new material on Mande societies ..." American Anthropologist "McNaughton ... provides an important interpretation of these artists' conceptual place as members of a complex culture." Religious Studies Review
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