Only to Die Again

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Oktober 2015



Readers of Lee Child and Dan Brown will love this outstanding high-concept thriller by Patrick Lee A deperate plea for help The middle of the night. Sam Dryden takes a call from an old friend from his days in the military. She needs his help. Urgently. There's no further explanation. A race against time Two hours later, Dryden and his former teammate smash their way in to a remote desert shack. Inside they discover four young girls, caged and threatened with death by their abductor. Dryden acts. An impossible secret But how had Dryden's friend known what about to unfold? Why was it so important that they flee the scene before the police arrive? Only one thing is certain: Dryden is now facing a ruthless enemy that always seems to be one step ahead...


Patrick Lee wurde 1976 in West Michigan geboren. Er begann als Drehbuchautor für Hollywood, später verlegte er sich aufs Schreiben von Romanen.
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