Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry

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Juni 1986



This book gives a rigorous treatment of the fundamentals of plane geometry: Euclidean, spherical, elliptical and hyperbolic.


Preface; Notation and special symbols; Historical introduction; 1. Plane Euclidean geometry; 2. Affine transformations in the Euclidean plane; 3. Finite groups of isometries of E2; 4. Geometry on the sphere; 5. The projective plane P2; 6. Distance geometry on P2; 7. The hyperbolic plane; Appendices; References; Index.


"An elegant geometry text...the whole very crisply printed and illustrated. Good exercises and helpful references." SciTech Book News "...a thoughtful, carefully crafted textbook..." Science Books & Films "The exposition is lucid; the body of the text and exercises are thoughtfully organized...The book should be brought to the attention of instructors wishing for a fresh outlook..." American Scientist "In his introduction the author expresses the hope that he can instill good working attitudes that will help students go on to research in group theory, Lie groups, differential geometry and topology. The naturalness and sophistication of his development go far to fulfilling his aim...The book is produced to a very high standard. Both graphics and text are exceptionally clear." The Mathematical Gazette
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