John Rawls: Towards a Just World Order

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April 2002



'John Rawls: Towards a Just World Order' is a concise and detailed analysis of one of the foremost political philosophers of our time that demonstrates the importance of Rawls's work for contemporary debates regarding international relations, world politics and human rights.


Patrick Hayden is Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Director of Peace and Justice Studies at New England College. He has written on a wide range of topics in philosophy and political philosophy, is the author of Multiplicity and Becoming: The Pluralist Empiricism of Gilles Deleuze (1998) and the editor of Philosophical Perspectives on Law and Politics (1999) and The Philosophy of Human Rights.


' ... clear and thorough in reviewing the development of Rawls's thinking ... International Relations specialists should read this book as a vigorous defence of cosmopolitanism.' (Canadian Journal of Political Science Vol. 36 No. 3). ' ... It makes a significant contribution to debates concerning universal human rights and will be very useful to those with an interest in either international justice or Rawl's views.' (Choice) ' important critique of Rawls's statism... ' (Cambridge Review of International Affairs)
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