The Health Teacher's Book of Lists

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August 2000



Here are 300 of the most used and useful lists for developing instructional materials and planning lessons for elementary and secondary students. For easy use, the lists are printed in a full-page format for easy copying and use with individual students and groups and conveniently organized into 14 sections, some of which are:
Consumer Health
Diet Nutrition
First Aid Safety
Diseases Disorders
Family Planning
Stress Management Self-Esteem
Substance Abuse
In short, The Health Teacher's Book of Lists provides an unparalleled, all-in-one reference tool packed with information and ideas that will save hours of research and preparation and help enliven and enrich both the teaching and earning of health.


Patricia Rizzo-Toner has taught health and physical education in the Council Rock School District in Newtown, Pennsylvania, for 25 years. She is author of the six-unit series Just for the Health of It! Health Curriculum Activities and How to Survive Teaching Health (1990) as well as practical P.E. teaching resources. Marian D. Milliken, health and physical education teacher for over 20 years in the Council Rock School District in Newtown, Pennsylvania, is advisor to a 900-student S.A.D.D. chapter, a member of the Student Assistance Team, and received the Patricia Chamberlain Award for Excellence in the field of health and physical education.
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