Medical Assistant: Program Review and Exam Preparation

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Oktober 1997



For Medical Assistant students.
This PREP book is ideal for all aspects of the emerging medical assistant profession. Organized according to the AAA exam content outline in expanded summary outline format, key terms appear in every chapter with summary boxes. In addition, the chapter review provides exact page referencing.


1. Medical Terminology. 2. Anatomy and Physiology. 3. Professionalism. 4. Communication. 5. Medicolegal Guidelines/Requirements. 6. Typing and Data Entry. 7. Equipment. 8. Computer Concepts. 9. Records Management. 10. Screening & Processing Mail. 11. Scheduling & Monitoring Appointments. 12. Resource Information/Community Services. 13. Managing Physician's Professional Schedule & Travel. 14. Managing the Office. 15. Office Policies & Procedures. 16. Managing Practice Finances. 17. Principles of Infection Control. 18. Treatment Area. 19. Patient Preparation and Assisting the Physician. 20. Patient History Interview. 21. Collecting & Processing Specimens. 22. Prepare and Administer Medications. 23. Emergencies. 24. First Aid.
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