Subtle Aromatherapy

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November 1991



Although the use of essential oils to help physical, mental and emotional problems has been thoroughly investigated, this book is devoted solely to their use on a subtle or spiritual level. The applications of aromatherapy in personal and spiritual growth, meditation and healing are examined.


What is subtle aromatherapy?; vibrational healing; subtle anatomy; the role of the healer; the healing energies of plants; some ways of using essential oils at a subtle level; dowsing and aromatherapy; chakra energies and essential oils; crystals and oils, a healing partnership; essential oils and meditation; flower remedies in subtle aromatherapy; sex, spirit and essential oils; entering earthly life; the great transition; healing our planet; the subtle properties of individual oils; beyond the essence.


Based in the Southwest of England, Patricia Davis is an aromatherapist with many years' experience. She is the best-selling author of books that include Subtle Aromatherapy, A Change for the Better and Astrological Aromatherapy.
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