Communicating Effectively in English: Oral Communication for Non-Native Speakers

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Januar 1992



The 2/E of Communicating Effectively in English presents a highly interactive, experiential format for developing stronger speaking and listening skills in a variety of contexts - interpersonal, small group, and large group. Many activities, examples, and assignments helps students sharpen their interview, discussion, and public speaking skills. As they progress from simpler informative speeches to more complex persuasive speeches, students learn to how to consider the interests of the audience, how to choose appropriate topics, how to organize and support their ideas, and how to prepare effective introductions and conclusions.


Unit One: Understanding your audience, being understood. Unit Two: Getting information: interviews and conferences. Unit Three: Providing information: instructions and demonstrations. Unit Four: Providing information: group discussion and presentation. Unit Five: Persuading others: solving a problem. Unit Six: Persuading others: taking a position.
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