Algebra Out Loud: Learning Mathematics Through Reading and Writing Activities

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November 2003



"Algebra Out Loud's" strategies and activities will give students the edge in learning how to summarize, analyze, present, utilize and retain mathematical content. The book offers proven writing activities that will engage the students in writing about algebraic vocabulary, processes, theorems, definitions, and graphs. "Algebra Out Loud" gives teachers the tools they need to help their students learn how to communicate about math ideas between student and teacher, student and peers, and student and the wider world. For quick access and easy use, the activities are printed in a big 8 1/2" x 11"format for photocopyin g and are organized into eight chapters.


Introduction.Algebra Time Line.PART ONE: Reading to Learn Algebra.1. Prereading Strategies and Activities.Prelude.Review/Preview Process.Knowledge Ratings.Anticipation Guides.PreP.Problem-Solving Prep.Wordsmithing.2. Reading and Vocabulary-Building Strategies and Activities.Prelude.Magic Square Activity.Concept Circles.K-W-L.Semantic Feature Analysis.Graphic Organizers.Reading Math Symbols.Proof Reading.Semantic Word Maps.3. Postreading Strategies and Activities.Prelude.Group Speak.Concept Cards.Frayer Model.Question-Answer Relationship (QAR).Comparison and Contrast Matrix.4. Readings in Algebra.Prelude.The Secret Society of Pythagoreans: An Ancient Cult.Ancient Egyptian Multiplication.Marathon Math.True Prime.PART TWO: Writing to Learn Algebra.5. Writing to Understand Algebra.Prelude.In Your Own Words: A Paraphrasing Activity.MO (Method of Operation).Graph Description Activity.Crib Sheets.Math Story Activity.Math Ads.The Writing Is on the Wall.Creating a Math Mnemonic.Creation of Written Problems (or Fat Men in Pink Leotards).Math Concept Paragraphs.Math Biographies.Experimenting-to-Learn-Algebra Reports.Concept Math.Learning Logs.6. Writing to Communicate Algebra.Prelude.Writing Across Campus.Group Exposition.Guided Math Poetry.Math Letters.Math Profiling.Math Journals.Mathematical Investigator.7. Writing as Authentic Assessment.Prelude.Muddiest Point.Math Analogies.One-Minute Summary.Math Is a Four-Letter Word.E-Writing.Math Similes, Metaphors, and Analogies.Targeted Problem-Solving Assessments.Self-Portrait as a Learner of Algebra.8. Writing for Assessment.Prelude.Math Portfolios.Math Essays.Write Questions.Math Posters.References.


Pat Mower, Ph.D., is an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. Dr. Mower prepares preservice teachers to teach mathematics in elementary, middle, and secondary schools. Her interests include reading and writing in mathematics, and alternative methods for the teaching and learning of mathematics.

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