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September 2010



As the battle between good and evil becomes a war between love and lust, a powerful vampire, Bachell, sets out to seduce a victim who is not only perfect, but willing. However, Bachell is obsessed with the all-powerful vampire Maria, and his perfect victim is in love with another. Only one thing is certain: if he is to survive, he must not be denied.A vampire story of epic proportions, Denied sweeps the reader up in a tragic and darkly compulsive tale of jealousy, love and lust. Moving from Lancashire, England, to Paris, France, the novel sheds a deadly new light on the question of what it means to be a vampire.First revelation: "The myth that vampires need permission to enter the houses of victims is a truth in disguise. It speaks of sex, not houses."-Sivan.


Pat Brien has published many articles in England and France, as well as having short-stories and a dramatic monologue broadcast on BBC radio. He has also been published in the USA. He is a full member of the Society of Authors. He lives and works in Paris.
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