The Huntress

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In this emotional follow-up to" The Zoo Father, " a daughter is haunted by her mentally ill mother until a series of remarkable transformations help her to conquer painful childhood memories. Over the course of the collection, the feared mother becomes a rattlesnake, an Aztec goddess, a Tibetan singing bowl, a stalagmite, a praying mantis, and then a ghost orchid, yet in the central poem the daughter becomes a cosmic stag and escapes her mother-huntress.


Pascale Petit's most recent collections are What the Water Gave Me - Poems after Frida Kahlo and The Treekeeper's Tale. Two previous collections were both shortlisted for the TS Eliot Prize and were Books of the Year in the Times Literary Supplement. Pascale was selected as one of the Next Generation Poets and teaches creative writing in the galleries at Tate Modern. "No other British poet I am aware of can match the powerful mythic imagination of Pascale Petit." Les Murray - Times Literary Supplement.
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