Process Control: A First Course with MATLAB

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August 2011



Process Control covers the most essential aspects of process control suitable for a one-semester introductory course. While classical techniques are discussed, Chau also covers state space modeling and control, a modern control topic lacking in most introductory texts. MATLAB, a popular engineering software package, is employed as a powerful yet approachable computational tool. Each chapter concludes with problem sets, to which hints or solutions are provided. The support website provides excellent support in the way of MATLAB outputs of text examples and MATLAB sessions, references, and supplementary notes.


"This book operates well as a succinct and readable introductory text for students studying process control, as well as for professionals undertaking industrial short courses or looking for a brief reference. It will also serve admirably as a useful teaching textbook...a book that informs, illuminates, and is sure to elicit lively discussions from the teacher and the taught in any courses that utilize it." Current Engineering Practice "This book is highly recommended for a first course..." Chemical Engineering Progress
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