Principles of Optimal Design

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Thorough, practical coverage of latest development in optimization theory and practice.


Preface; Notation; List of symbols; 1. Optimization models; 2. Model construction; 3. Model boundedness; 4. Interior optima; 5. Boundary optima; 6. Parametric and discrete optima; 7. Local computation; 8. Principles and practice; References; Author index; Subject index.


'Principles of Optimal Design by Papalambros and Wilde is unique in terms of its potential usefulness in the classroom setting ... Overall the present book is an excellent text for engineering students. it is well organised, clearly presented and generously illustrated ... the book is strongly recommended for everyone who wants to learn the subject at a gentle pace.' Atul Bhaskar, The Aeronautical Journal 'This book is undoubtedly a valuable reference for students, academics, researchers, and industrial engineers interested in optimization design.' Iasi Polytechnic Magazine
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