Earth Tones: Praying the Psalms with All Creation

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April 2004



"The psalms remind us that the human is a creature among creatures--sometimes ornery, sometimes articulate, sometimes in harmony, sometimes all askew, but always kin to hyssop and dogs and stars and stones amid which we sing." The psalms contain deep truths abour our world and us. They lay bare our aspirations and needs as well as our human violence and incompleteness. In "Earth Tones: Praying the Psalms with All Creation, Pamela Smith gives us a voice that helps us reconnect with nature, with the rhythm of the seasons, the growth of new life, with all creatures. At the same time she alerts us to the dangers that threaten the fragile balance of our earth, and urges us to work for restoration and renewal. While concerned with the environment, "Earth Tones is not an environmentalist's sermon. Rather, it is a clear call to reflection and prayer. To this end, Sr. Pamela touches the deepest chords of the human heart through poetic and earthly reflections on God's gifts of the Earth. Ideal for individual prayer and reflection as well as for Bible study and prayer groups.


Sister Pamela Smith, SS.C.M. is currently major superior of her religious community in Danville, Pennsylvania. She is an experienced teacher, administrator, and author with a special interest in environmental ethics and the theology of creation.

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