A Translucent Mirror

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April 2002



A careful reconstruction of the emergence of Manchu identity that will compel a complete revision of the Western understanding of Chinese conceptions of emperorship and nationhood in both the late imperial and modern eras.


Acknowledgments Notes to Readers Introduction
I. Identity at the Heart of Empire
1. Ethnicity in the Qing Eight Banners Mark
C. Elliott
2. Making Mongols Pamela Kyle Crossley
3. "A Fierce and Brutal People": On Islam and Muslims in Qing Law Jonathan N. Lipman
II. Narrative Wars at the New Frontiers
4. The Qing and Islam on the Western Frontier James A. Millward and Laura J. Newby
5. The Cant of Conquest: Tusi Offices and China's Political Incorporation of the Southwest Frontier John E. Herman
III. Old Contests of the South and Southwest
6. The Yao Wars in the Mid-Ming and their Impact on Yao Ethnicity David Faure
7. Ethnicity and the Miao Frontier in the Eighteenth Century Donald S. Sutton
8. Ethnicity, Conflict, and the State in the Early to Mid-Qing: The Hainan Highlands, 1644-1800 Anne Csete
IV. Uncharted Boundaries
9. Ethnic Labels in a Mountainous Region: The Case of She "Bandits" Wing-hoi Chan
10. Lineage, Market, Pirate, and Dan: Ethnicity in the Pearl River Delta of South China Helen F. Siu and Liu Zhiwei Conclusion Notes on Contributors Bibliography Glossary of Characters Index


Pamela Kyle Crossley is Rosenwald Research Professor of History, Dartmouth College; author of Orphan Warriors: Three Manchu Generations and the End of the Qing World (1990) and The Manchus (1997); and coauthor (with Richard Bulliet and Dan Headrick) of The Earth and Its Peoples (1997).


"Crossley [is] the leading historian of the Manchu rulers of the Qing. This engaging work is deeply nuanced and stimulating, and will shape the way scholars define 'China' and 'Chinese."' - R. E. Entenmann, Choice
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