The Instant Curriculum: Over 750 Developmentally Appropriate Learning Activities for Busy Teachers of Young Children

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Now completely revised, this classic resource features over 350 all-new activities for every area of the curriculum, including language and literacy, math, science, dramatic play and music and movement. Teachers/parents.


Pam Schiller, Ph.D., is an early childhood author, consultant, and highly sought after speaker. She has written numerous articles for early childhood journals, including Child Care Information Exchange and Texas Child Care Quarterly. Pam is the author of five early childhood curriculums, eleven children's books and more than 30 teacher and parent resource books. Joan Rossano began her career in education as a public school teacher. Since then, she has worked as a department chair, established a private school and day care center in Firewood, TX, and founded and directed the Child Development Laboratory School in her hometown of Alvin, TX.
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