A Practical Guide to Teaching Design and Technology in the Secondary School

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Containing practical activities and materials that provide opportunities to analyse learning and performance within Design and Technology, this book also includes case studies and examples of existing good practice and a range of tried-and-tested strategies. It is designed to be used by student teachers, NQTs and beginning teachers.


Part 1: Design and Technology in the Classroom 1. Design and Technology in School 2. Electronics and Communications Technology (ECT) in the Classroom 3. Food Technology in the Classroom 4. Materials Technology in the Classroom 5. Textiles Technology in the Classroom 6. Design and Technology and Vocational Education Part 2: Teaching Design and Technology 7. Teaching and Learning in Design and Technology 8. Using ICT in Design and Technology 9. Cross-Curricular Teaching and Learning 10. Creating an Effective Learning Environment 11. Assessing Pupils' Learning 12. Planning Your Teaching Part 3: Continuing Your Professional Development 13. Your professional Development
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