The Spirit of the Oxford Movement

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Februar 1992



This brings together some of Owen Chadwick's most important and characteristic essays on the Tractarian Movement.


Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. The mind of the Oxford Movement; 2. The limitations of Keble; 3. The Ecclesiastical Commission; 4. 'Lead, Kindly Light'; 5. The university on Mount Zion; 6. Charles Kingsley at Cambridge; 7. The Oxford Movement and its reminiscences; 8. Newman and the historians; 9. Henri Bremond and Newman; 10. The established Church under attack; 11. The young Liddon; 12. The choice of bishops; 13. Edward King; 14. A Tractarian pastoral ideal; 15. Catholicism; Further reading; Index.


'It is part of Owen Chadwick's genius ... that he is in the deepest sense of the term a devotional writer at the same time as he is a scholar of sensitivity, precision and learning. The mysteriousness and reality of the grace of God transforming human lives is what gives power to so many of these studies ... This collection of essays, such a joy and delight to read, has the capacity not only to inform the mind but to nurture the soul - and rightly so, for the Oxford Movement was not only about campaigns and dusty ideas dug up from the Christian past, but about the renewal of the Church in prayer and holiness and so in its true identity.' Geoffrey Rowell, The Church Times 'There is an enchantment on this volume, as of the light that never was on sea or land. Professor Owen Chadwick disputes with his brother Henry the claim to be the most eminent ecclesiastical historian of his generation ... He is, moreover, supremely a scholar whose writings are popular in their immediate accessibility to the educated general reader through a lightness of tone and a breathtaking charm which turn everything to gold.' Sheridan Gilley, The Tablet
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