The Psychotherapy Maze: A Consumer's Guide to Getting in and Out of Therapy (the Master Work Series)

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Juli 1977



An introduction to the practicalities, perils and rewards of psychotherapy. This revised edition offers straightforward, specific advice on matters such as choosing a therapist, therapy for different groups, the therapy agreement and how to make psychotherapy work.


Part 1 Getting Oriented to the Psychotherapy Maze: What Is Psychotherapy?; Who Should Go Into Psychotherapy?; When to Go to Psychotherapy and When to Try Alternatives; Does Psychotherapy Work?; The Challenges and Rewards of Psychotherapy; Obstacles to Psychotherapy; Get Read, Get Set, Go. Part 2 The Psychotherapy Catalogue: The Major Schools; Freud and Psychoanalysis; Ego Psychology and Object Relations Theory; Adler and Individual Psychology; Jung and Analytic Psychology; Reich and Vegetotherapy; Horney and the Cultural Approach; Sullivan and Interpersonal Relations; Rogers and Client-Centred Therapy; Existential Analysis (Daseinsanalysis); Gestalt Therapy; Lowen and Bioenergetic Therapy; Janov and Primal Therapy; Transactional Analysis; Ellis and Rational-Emotive Therapy; Behaviour Therapy/Behaviour Modification; Sex Therapy; Neuro Linguistic Programming; Hypnotherapy; Eclectic Psychotherapy; The Different Modalities; Individual Therapy; Group Therapy; Family Therapy; Couples and Marriage Therapy; Child Therapy; The Place of Medical Treatment; Psychoactive Drugs; Electroconvulsive Therapy; Psychosurgery; Orthomolecular Psychiatry; Popular Electives; Encounter Groups; Silva Mind Control; Transcendental Meditation. Part 3 How to Pick a Therapist: What to Look For; Professional Background; Education and Training; Medicine; Psychology; Social Work; Nonprofessional Therapists; What Do All Those Titles Mean?; Pschotherapist; Psychoanalyst; Psychiatric Nurse; Pastoral Counsellor; Marriage Counsellor or Marriage Therapist; Family Counsellor or Family Therapist; Child Psychotherapist; School Psychologist; Counsellor, Guidance Counsellor, Vocational Counsellor; Sex Therapist; The Therapist's Personality, Sex, Race and Age; Therapy for Therapists; Clinics and Training Centres; Fees and Insurance; How to Find Names. Part 4 Special Issues for Different Groups: Psychotherapy for Ethnic Minorities; Choosing a Therapist; Psycotherapy for Gays and Lesbians Versus Gay and Lesbian Psychotherapy; The AIDS Crisis; Psychotherapy for Older People; The Psychological Toll of Growing Old; Is Therapy for You?; Finding an Appropriate Therapist; Intelligence and Therapy; The Role of Medication. Part 5 Conducting the First Interview: Putting the Phone to Good Use; Should You Pay for the First Session?; Making First Impressions Count; Defining Your Problems and Therapy Goals; Sharing Information; Analysing the Therapist; Your End-of-Session Options; Checklist for First Session. Part 6 The Therapy Agreement: Agreeing on Goals and Methods; Duration of Therapy and Review; Fees and Appointment Schedule; Availability of the Therapist; Termination Agreements; Confidentiality and Records; A Formal Contract?. Part 7 Sore Spots. Part 8 Making Therapy Work. Part 9 Feelings Between Client and Therapist. Part 10 Resistance or Incompatibility?. Part 11 Terminating Therapy. Part 12 Starting Again. (part contents).
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