Third Dimension

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The three-dimensional aspects of molecular shape can be crucial to both properties and reactions. The Third Dimension explores the arrangements of atoms in molecules and in different types of solids. Initial chapters describe the common crystal structures and how they are related to close-packed arrangements of ions. Metallic, ionic, molecular and extended covalent crystals are covered; major types of crystal defects are also discussed. The book then introduces isomerism, and explores the stereochemical consequences of the tetrahedral carbon atom. Chirality is also investigated. The book concludes with a Case Study on Liquid Crystals, which describes structures, properties and applications. As visualisation in 3D is an important part of this book, the accompanying CD-ROMs provide video material, interactive questions and exercises using models to aid understanding of crystals, organic molecules and stereochemistry, All necessary programs are provided. TOC:PART 1 CrystalsIntroduction / Structures of Metals / The Internal Structure of aCrystal / Ionic Solids / Ionic Radii / Extended Covalent Structures /Molecular Crystals / Defects in Crystals.Part 2 Molecular ShapeThe Tetrahedral Carbon Atom / Molecular Conformation / TheRepresentation of Molecules / Constitutional (Structural) Isomerism /Stereoisomers of Molecules Containing Double Bonds / Chirality /Molecules with more than one Chiral Atom / Stereochemistry ofSaturated Ring Compounds / Case Study: Liquid Crystals - The FourthState of Matter.


Part 1 Crystals: Introduction; Structures of Metals; The Internal Structure of a Crystal; Ionic Solids; Ionic Radii; Extended Covalent Structures; Molecular Crystals; Defects in Crystals; Part 2 Molecular Shape: The Tetrahedral Carbon Atom; Molecular Conformation; The Representation of Molecules; Constitutional (Structural) Isomerism; Stereoisomers of Molecules containing Double Bonds; Chirality; Molecules with more than one Chiral Atom; Stereochemistry of Saturated Ring Compounds; Case Study: Liquid Crystals - The Fourth State of Matter.
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