From Whence We've Come: An African-American Tale of Survival

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This book is written for my progeny and their off-spring. The intention is to give them answers to questions that were not satisfactorily answered during my childhood while building their self-esteem. It is an effort to help the reader see an authentic picture of American society by telling a story that reveals some truths about the American experience not usually written in history books or taught in schools. Some of the most important events of some three hundred years and their effects on the African-American Community and on one family in particular are examined. Relevancy of the past to the present and an exhortation to pursue knowledge that will provide a basis for a better life in the future is discussed. This account is one more effort to tell an African-American story of family life that is full of love, encouragement, respect and caring thereby daring to contradict the popular view of African-American family life as presented in the media.

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