Huntington's Disease

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Huntington's disease affects 1 person in 10,000 but this figure is an underestimate because the immediate carer, spouse/partner and the close relatives at risk of developing this condition in the future are also affected. The new edition has been revised to include important new developments that have occurred in the field in recent years.


1. Facts and figures about Huntington's disease ;
2. The physical features of Huntington's disease ;
3. Behavioural and emotional aspects of Huntington's disease ;
4. Juvenile Huntington's disease ;
5. The genetics of Huntington's disease ;
6. Laboratory test results ;
7. Genetic counselling: a new diagnosis in the family ;
8. Genetic counselling for unaffected family members ;
9. Changes in the brain ;
10. What causes selective nerve cell damage? ;
11. Current research activities ;
12. Useful resources and contacts


Dr Oliver Quarrell has been elected to the Executive Council of the Huntington's Disease Association and currently serves as its vice Chairman. He is also actively involved in the European Huntington's Disease Network.
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