Prussian Regular Infantryman 1808-1815

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Following the disastrous defeats at Jena and Auerstadt by Napoleon in 1806, the Prussian armed forces were forced to regroup, and radical changes were instigated in all areas.
The fighting spirit and ability of the infantry remained consistently high throughout this period, from the dark days of Jena, through the Wars of Liberation and on to victory under Marshal Blucher's command at Waterloo. This title follows a typical Prussian line infantryman through recruitment, training, the routines of daily life and duties, to experiences on campaign and in battle, in this decisive and dynamic period.


Introduction - Chronology - Enlistment - Training - Appearance and equipment - Everyday life - Experience of battle - Colour plate commentary - Museums - Collecting - Re-enactment - Index


Oliver Schmidt was born in 1964 and lives in Heidelberg, Germany: he has a particular interest in the Prussian army of the Napoleonic Wars, and also the armies of the unification of Germany. Currently working for Springer Publishing, Oliver is a keen re-enactor of the Napoleonic period. He has previously published numerous articles on the Prussian army, and was editor of the historical journal 'Circulaire' for several years. Steve Noon was born in Kent, UK, and attended art college in Cornwall. He has had a life-long passion for illustration, and since 1985 has worked as a professional artist. Steve has provided award-winning illustrations for renowned publishers Dorling Kindersley, where his interest in historical illustration began. For Osprey, he has previously illustrated New Vanguard 47, Viking Longship.

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