The Chinese Century: The Rising Chinese Economy and Its Impact on the Global Economy, the Balance of Power, and Your Job

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Within 20 years, or even less, China will have the world's largest economy. Already, China has the second largest economy in the world for direct foreign investment, behind the US. That will powerfully impact you: your job, your company, your economic future, and your country. Worldwide bestseller The Chinese Century reveals how China is restoring its imperial glory by infusing modern technology and market economics into a non-democratic system controlled by the Communist party and bureaucracy. Now in paperback for the first time, this book powerfully demonstrates how China's accelerating growth is leading to a radical restructuring of the global business system. Read it, and you'll discover why the U.S. is most vulnerable to China's ascent, how China is increasingly serving as a counterweight to American economic and geopolitical power, how China's disregard for intellectual property creates sustainable competitive advantage, how China is leveraging the world's most powerful pool of human resources, how China will sustain dominance in low-tech industries as it enters high-tech realms and how China's growth impacts every global business and consumer. The paperback edition includes a brand-new epilogue with up-to-the-minute strategies and tactics for competing with Chinese companies and succeeding in Chinese markets: best-practice approaches to everything from alliances to product development.


About the Author. 1. The Dawn of the Chinese Century. China in the Global Economy. Resources and Capabilities. The Synergies of Greater China . Coming to America . The Chronic Importer. The Naive Trader (or the One with More to Lose). Follow the Curve. Foreign-Generated and "Self-Inflicted" Imports. The Currency Play. China Takes on the World. The World's Factory. The Export Imperative. Where the Jobs Are. A Consumer Paradise . The Coming Realignment. 2. The Middle Kingdom. An Imperial (But Not Imperialist) Heritage. The Imperial Bureaucracy. China and Its Neighbors. The Imperial Imprint. The Modern Era: China and the Foreign Powers. The Shadow of Humiliation. China Under Communism. The Communist Imprint. The Reform Period. Lofty Aspirations. National Symbols. Political Aspirations. Economic Aspirations. 3. Like No Other. Is China a New Japan ? Analogies of Response. Japan , China , and the Limits of Analogy. The Innovation Imperative. Dragons, Large and Small. Hong Kong . Taiwan . Singapore . South Korea . The Asian Crisis, Misinterpreted. China and India : A Tale of Two Nations. 4. From Socks to Aircraft. The Technology Legacy. Inventions But No Science . The Price of Falling Behind. Technology by Decree: The Central Planning Legacy. Climbing the Technology Ladder. Leveraging Foreign Investment. Technology Transfer Incentives. Learning from the Barbarians. Indigenous Innovation: Still a Dream. Developing Research Capabilities. Upgrading China 's "Humanware". Transforming the Educational System. The Return of the "Turtles". Bringing Technology to the Enterprise . OEM, ODM, OBM. Technology as a Freebie. 5. The Two-Dollar Rolex. Yankee Footprints. Piracy, Counterfeiting, and the Like. The Costs and Benefits of Knock-Offs. An Industry in the Making. Institutional and Legacy Factors. The Organization of Fake Production. Pirating "Digitized" Products. The Enforcement Failure. The Globalization of Piracy and Counterfeiting. Going Forward. Navigating Pirate Seas . 6. The Business Challenge. Industry Tales. America 's Clothier. Furniture from Afar. The Geography of the China Impact. Holding Its Own: The European Union. The Invasion of Japan . Mexico Undone. Friends and Foes: ASEAN and Beyond. What's Coming. Preparing for the Chinese Century. A New Game Plan. If You Can't Beat Them. 7. East, East, and Away: Where the Jobs Are. Job Migration: Myth and Fact. Job Migration and Job Losses. In Context. Who Benefits. Macro Promise, Micro Reality. The Economics of Job Migration - Here We Go Again? China and the Global Labor Market. China 's Job Impact. Is Your Job in Jeopardy? Politics and Policies. Navigating the New Job Landscape. Up (or Down) the Ladder. 8. A TV from Sichuan . The Factory to the World Meets the Consumer of the World. The Nation of Wal-Mart. A Level Playing Field. Pricing. Would You Buy a Chinese Product? China and the Brand. Is "Buy American" Returning? 9. China Rising. Misplaced Analogies. The Tortoise and the Hare. China and the World Trade Organization. Scenarios for the Future. Soft Landing. Hard Landing. Fault Lines. Nations and States. Global Battle Lines. Epilogue. Endnotes. Index.


Oded Shenkar is Ford Motor Company Chair in Global Business Management at the Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University. His research interests include international business, comparative and international management, and strategic and managerial issues pertaining to international strategic alliances, with a focus on China and East Asia. Dr. Shenkar has published numerous books and articles on international business and management and on China in particular. He also has edited several books, including Handbook for International Management Research Second Edition and International Business. Dr. Shenkar serves on the editorial boards of the Academy of Management Executive, Journal of Cross-Cultural Management, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Management Inquiry, Management International Review, Human Relations, and Organization Studies. He advises multinational firms, national and state governments, and international organizations, and serves as a member of the Conference Board Council of Integration Executives. He holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University, New York. (c) Copyright Pearson Education. All rights reserved.


"Essential reading for anyone doing or planning to do business in China." - Business Destinations
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