The Female King of Colonial Nigeria: Ahebi Ugbabe

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Nwando Achebe presents the fascinating history of an Igbo woman, AhebiUgbabe, who became king in colonial Nigeria. Ugbabe was exiled from Igboland, becamea prostitute, traveled widely, and learned to speak many languages. She became aclose companion of Nigerian Igala kings and the British officers who supported herclaim to the office of headman, warrant chief, and later, king. In this uniquebiography, Achebe traces the roots of Ugbabe's rise to fame and fortune. Whileproviding critical perspectives on women, gender, sex and sexuality, and thecolonial encounter, she also considers how it was possible for this woman to take onthe office and responsibilities of a traditionally male role.


Ekene / Acknowledgments Nkwado / Preparation: All Trees Grow in the Forest, But the Ora Singled Itself Out; Nkowa / Introduction: Unspoken, Blame the Mouth; Unheard, Blame the Ear 1. Oge Nwatakili--The time of Childhood, c.1880-95; 2. Mgbakpu Ahebi: Exile in Igalaland, c. 1895-1916; 3. Performing Masculinities: Homecoming--And She Becomes a Man, c.1916-48; 4. Inside King Ahebi's Palace, c.1916-48; 5. Mastering Masculinities: Ekpe Ahebi Masquerade--The Final Insult, c.1931-48 Mmechi / The Conclusion: Ahebi Today--The Works That We Do Are the Things By Which We are Remembered Appendix: Select Criminal and Civil Cases in Nsukka Division 1921-1935; Glossary of Enugu-Ezike Chronological terms; Glossary of Igbo and Igala words; Notes; Bibliography; Index


Nwando Achebe is Professor of History at Michigan State University. She is author of Farmers, Traders, Warriors, and Kings: Female Power and Authority in Northern Igboland, 1900 1960."


"An important contribution to the study of modern African history. It will be of special interest to scholars of African history, women's studies, and comparative politics." Anene Ejikeme, Trinity University "An unusual biography and a compelling tale about the life of an extraordinary woman." Stephan F. Miescher, University of California, Santa Barbara "Nwando Achebe carefully illuminates and documents the life and times of a remarkable Igbo woman, unveiling a hitherto little known, albeit important, detail of Nigeria's colonial history." International Journal of African Historical Studies "The Female King of Colonial Nigeria is the story of a woman, Ahebi Ugbabe, who rose from the status of a local girl and commercial sex worker to that of a village headman, a warrant chief and a king... Achebe's study of Ahebi Ugbabe is significant because it salvaged the history of a woman who became the only warrant chief in colonial Nigeria, and perhaps Africa. Her book distinguishes between Western concepts of gender and sexuality, and the indigenous meanings of these concepts in an African setting... Nwando Achebe's book is well-written, amply researched, and efficiently documented. It is a major contribution to African history and the practice of oral history. It also offers African-based insights and interpretations to various Western concepts in gender and sexuality studies." - Ogechukwu Ezekwem, Reviews in History, March 2013
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