Cookin' on the Cane with Norma

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Having taught Family and Consumer Science (Home Economics) for the past thirty years I have become educated by my career and I have learned to appreciate the many cultures I have come into contact with. This cookbook represents those cultures, as well as, my culture and background growing up in a very colorful town, Natchitoches, Louisiana. Natchitoches represents many different cuisines, from French to Mexican, and many in-between. The recipes in this cookbook were handed down from my mother, some I developed myself, and there are some that I "ran across" and did not know who to give credit. Many consider Natchitoches to be a mini New Orleans because of original dishes such as Natchitoches Meat Pies. I hope that those who buy this book will enjoy trying the recipes, or even come to Natchitoches and let someone prepare them at a Bed and Breakfast or one of our fine restaurants. The "Cane" mentioned on the cover, refers to Cane River. It runs through Natchitoches and is one of the visual assets of the our town.

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