Last Night of Carnival

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November 2004



Fiction. Translated from the Spanish by H.E. Francis. Last Night of Carnival, a collection of stories by turns erotic, surreal, and provocative, comprises an exile aesthetic, where the speaker is not only an exile from his homeland, but also from the stale middleclass values of his parents, and from dead pieties of previous generations that have become ossified and codified in the culture. You will find in the pages of Last Night of Carnival a collection ofcharacters you will not soon forget: the professional mourner, who weeps forthose who die without family or friends to grieve for them, the man fromsubterranean culture that hoards jewels dropped from above while hiding from rats below, the list could go on and on. Norberto Luis Romero is an Argentine, now a citizen of Spain. He writes a wide range of fiction - from realistic to extreme fantasy. His stories have been published in Canada and the United States. This is his first book-length collection to appear in English.

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