Bad Chemistry

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August 2000



Canadian historian Gillian Adams finds herself back in Cambridge to enjoy that lovely city and her romance with Scotland Yard Detective Chief Inspector Edward Gisborne. Then the death of a research fellow in the Department of Chemistry shocks both the university and the town.Gillian is linked to the victim through old friends and to the police through Edward. Well-placed to investigate the murder, she turns up evidence of venomous professional rivalries and at least one clandestine liaison. Not to mention that the victim, a volunteer at the Pregnancy Information Service, was herself pregnant.Then a second body turns up. There is no compelling evidence to link the victims. As the police siti the facts, Gillian looks at the crimes from a feminist perspective, seeing that that science, contemporary mores, and more conservative traditions have produced a volatile -- indeed, fatal -- mixture....


Nora Kelly grew up in New Jersey and spent summers on Cape Cod. While living in Cambridge she wrote her first Gillian Adams mystery, In the Shadow of King's (reprinted by Poisoned Pen Press, 1999).Old Wounds, her fourth, won the 1999 Arthur Ellis Best Novel Award from the Canadian Crime Writers Association. The author lives in Vancouver, BC, where she teaches part-time.
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