The Islamic Year

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Celebrate the Islamic year with your children! You are invited to explore Muslim festivals with this inspiring treasury of stories, suras, songs, games, recipes, crafts and art activities. The Islamic Year describes the major festivals vividly, together with attractive projects that engage children creatively. A selection of folk tales illustrates the core values underlying Islamic culture with gentle humor and wisdom. This is a unique resource for educators and parents who want to share the spiritual wealth of Islam with children.


Acknowledgements Foreword by Baroness Uddin Preface Introduction Chapter 1: Before Muhammad Chapter 2: Birth Chapter 3: Prophethood Begins Chapter 4: A miracluous journey Chapter 5: A new beginning Chapter 6: Establishing community Chapter 7: Homecoming Afterword Appendix 1: Festival of Ashura and the Sunni/Shi'ah schism Appendix 2: Glossary Appendix 3: References and further reading appendix 4: Sources of craft materials Appendix 5: Further resources Appendix 6: Suggestions for teachers Sample patterns


Chris Smith is a musician and storyteller, well know for hismoving telling of the story of the Queen of Sheba at the British Museum. He has a passion for Arab folktales, myths and legends, gained from living in Palestine. Noorah Al-Gailani's family is from Iraq. She teaches Islam in Staruday schools and works as the curator of The Museum of Methodism in London.


"Educators seeking to interpret Islam to non-Muslim audiences will find this an excellent resource. The story of the Prophet Muhammad is told in an engaging manner whilst keeping to the sacred spirit of the original texts. The festivals are explained in a simple and clear way, relating them to each aspect of the Prophet's life and teaching that they celebrate." BARONESS UDDIN, HOUSE OF LORDS "A sound and very helpful resource for teachers - it recognises the internal pluralism of both religious ideas and cultural expressions which characterises the Muslim communities in this country and globally." PROF. JORGEN NIELSEN, DEPT OF THEOLOGY, BIRMINGHAM UNIVERSITY "The stories are ripe for re-telling: I enjoyed their warmth and humour. They make the life and teaching of the Prophet Muhammad caring and accessible" CHRIS EAST, STORYTELLER AND ADIVSORY TEACHER, WALTHAM FOREST
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