A Field Guide to North Atlantic Wildlife: Marine Mammals, Seabirds, Fish, and Other Sea Life

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Juni 2005



A spectacular field guide to the many fascinating creatures of the ocean world algon the norhteaster coast of the United States and the Maritime Provinces of Canada.


Noble S. Proctor is professor emeritus of biology, Southern Connecticut State University, and an internationally known leader of natural history and ecology expeditions. He has studied marine life on all the oceans of the world. Patrick J. Lynch is director of media services, Information Technology Services-Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine. He has received many awards for his medical illustrations and multimedia projects in medicine and the biological sciences. The authors' previous book, Manual of Ornithology, is available from Yale University Press.


"This guide provides a handy, beautifully illustrated, single reference to the many marine organisms most likely to be encountered in North Atlantic waters, and it should be particularly useful for anyone making offshore whale watching excursions."--Wayne R. Petersen, Swarovski Birding Community
--Wayne R. Petersen
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