Medical Terminology Essentials: W/Student & Audio CD's and Flashcards

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Emphasizes on real world applications of the vocabulary of medicine. This title concentrates on the key terms and concepts that can be taught in a half-year course. It contains various games and skill-building activities such as key terms with audio, flash cards, word building, multiple choice and true/false questions, matching, crossword puzzles.


To the StudentGetting the Most Out of Your Textbook
Chapter 1 Learning Terminology
Chapter 2 Prefixes and Suffixes in Medical Terms
Chapter 3 Body Structure
Chapter 4 The Integumentary System
Chapter 5 The Musculoskeletal System
Chapter 6 The Cardiovascular system
Chapter 7 The Respiratory System
Chapter 8 The Nervous System
Chapter 9 The Urinary System
Chapter 10 The Female Reproductive System
Chapter 11 The Male Reproductive System
Chapter 12 The Blood System
Chapter 13 The Lymphatic and Immune Systems
Chapter 14 The Digestive System
Chapter 15 The Endocrine System
Chapter 16 The Sensory System
Chapter 17 Terms Pharmacology
Appendix A-Combining Forms, Prefixes, and Suffixes
Appendix B-Abbreviations- Ones to Use and Ones to Avoid
Appendix C-Normal Laboratory Values
Appendix D-Medical Terminology StyleIndex


Nina Thierer (B.S., CMA, CPC), teaches in the Medical Assisting program at Ivy Tech Community College, Fort Wayne, IN.
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