Medical Terminology Essentials: W/Student & Audio CD's and Flashcards

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Essentials of Medical Terminology is a precise, completely up-to-date, student-oriented text that is ideal for the one-semester course in Medical Terminology. The text emphasizes real world applications of the vocabulary of medicine, and students will see current medical events reflected in this book. The main text is accompanied by an outstanding selection of supplementary learning resources.Essentials of Medical Terminology concentrates on just the key terms and concepts that can be taught in a half-year course. Its clean, uncluttered design keeps readers' attention focused on learning these basic terms, and definitions are kept concise. The interactive Essentials of Medical Terminology Student CD-ROM, and Audio Program CD-ROMs (2-disk audio CD set), linked directly to the text and its selection of terms, are included with each copy of the text. They provide a powerful suite of learning tools geared to the diverse learning styles of today's students. A Spanish-English Audio CD-ROM is also available for student purchase. The Student CD-ROM is set up by text chapter, and includes a variety of games and skill-building activities such as key terms with audio, flash cards, word building, multiple choice and true/false questions, matching, crossword puzzles, and a game called "That's Epidemic". A progress review component records and prints student progress reports. The CD-ROM is ideal for reviewing terms, for group activities, and for courses that have a self-study component.


<h3>To the Student<h3>Getting the Most Out of Your Textbook<h3>Chapter 1 Learning Terminology<h3>Chapter 2 Prefixes and Suffixes in Medical Terms<h3>Chapter 3 Body Structure<h3>Chapter 4 The Integumentary System<h3>Chapter 5 The Musculoskeletal System<h3>Chapter 6 The Cardiovascular system<h3>Chapter 7 The Respiratory System<h3>Chapter 8 The Nervous System<h3>Chapter 9 The Urinary System<h3>Chapter 10 The Female Reproductive System<h3>Chapter 11 The Male Reproductive System<h3>Chapter 12 The Blood System<h3>Chapter 13 The Lymphatic and Immune Systems<h3>Chapter 14 The Digestive System<h3>Chapter 15 The Endocrine System<h3>Chapter 16 The Sensory System<h3>Chapter 17 Terms Pharmacology<h3>Appendix A-Combining Forms, Prefixes, and Suffixes<h3>Appendix B-Abbreviations- Ones to Use and Ones to Avoid<h3>Appendix C-Normal Laboratory Values<h3>Appendix D-Medical Terminology Style<h3>Index<h3>


Nina Thierer (B.S., CMA, CPC), teaches in the Medical Assisting program at Ivy Tech Community College, Fort Wayne, IN.
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