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September 2006



This psychologically complex science-fiction novel focuses on a sensitive adolescent making the difficult transition from childhood into adolescent sexuality and adult society. A boy, fleeing a bullying classmate, inadvertently makes first contact with a race of aliens who live beneath the surface of his planet. Exploring such subjects as the dynamics of dysfunctional families and human society's greed-based political system, the book has eerie psychological undercurrents and tells an emotionally compelling and surprisingly sensual story.


Nina Kiriki Hoffman has been compared by "Publishers Weekly" to "vintage Ray Bradbury." Her first novel, "The Thread That Binds the Bones," won the Bram Stoker Award; her second novel, "The Silent Strength of Stones," was a finalist for the Nebula and World Fantasy awards. She won a Nebula for her short story "Trophy Wives." Her novels for young adults include "A Stir of Bones," "Spirits That Walk in Shadow," and "Thresholds."


"A rapid read that still resonates with themes of alienation, sexuality, and the meaning of maturity." -- Fantasy Magazine "This short novel is a sharp portrait of aliens remaking humans they meet from the inside out." -- The Denver Post "Fast moving, entertaining, and indecorous enough for a PG-17 rating...capable of stimulating the intellect as well as the senses." -- Locus "Gonzo in the best sense... A short, sharp shock, delivering plenty for the money." Fi Weekly "Touches of Ray Bradbury... A fascinating read." --SFCrowsnest "Dreamlike and often horrific...Any reader, young or not, will be rooting for that resolution." -- The Eugene Weekly
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