The Pentecostal Principle

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The Pentecostal Manifestos series aims to speak for and to a rising, outward-looking generation of Pentecostal scholarship. Written by both established and newly emerging scholars, the various manifesto volumes are creative statements, marked by rigorous theological scholarship, reflecting a distinctly Pentecostal engagement with wider themes and concerns in Christian thought today.


Harvey Cox
-- Harvard University
"Nimi Wariboko is quickly becoming one of the most original and creative voices in contemporary theology. An African and a Pentecostal, he draws on and transcends these dimensions of his personality in this pioneering work. . . . No student of ethics today can ignore this tour de force."
Ruth Marshall
-- Harvard University
"Wariboko's rigorous theological engagement with leading continental philosophers (Hannah Arendt, Giorgio Agamben, Jean-Luc Nancy) results in the most sophisticated and exciting account of Pentecostal ethics and political theology developed to date. Wariboko outlines a Pentecostal principle that expresses our human capacity to begin anew and refuses any fixed destiny for human becoming, making a fascinating case for a new Pentecostal ethics and politics of openness that responds to the challenges of our plural world."
Elias Kifon Bongmba
-- Harvard University
"A bold exercise in philosophical theology i
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