The Squabble

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Nikolai Gogol's short story is a sublime work of tragi-comedy. In it, he brilliantly ridicules the Ukrainian passion for litigation and reveals life as something really rather absurd. Ivan Ivanovich and Ivan Nikiforovich are the greatest of friends--until the day they begin a foolish quarrel that culminates in that very worst of insults: "And you, Ivan Ivanovich, are a goose." From that moment on, not another word is spoken between them as they choose instead to fight out their differences in the courts. But it seems theirs is a lawsuit that is set to run for years and years.


Foreword by Patrick McCabe; Introduction; The Squabble; Olde-Worlde Landowners; The Carriage; Notes; Biographical note


Dramatist and writer Nikolai Gogol is a key figure in early nineteenth-century Russian literature. Born in Ireland, Patrick McCabe is mostly known as the writer of The Butcher Boy, for which in 1992 he won the Irish Times Award for Fiction and was shortlisted for the Booker Prize.


'a classic demonstration of the mastery of both hyperbole and understatement that made Gogol a unique and irreplaceable writer.' - Kirkus Review
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