Nasty Secrets

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August 2014



"Every person has a secret. Every house has a secret. Even a secret has a secret. And when the secret becomes nasty, a new secret is born to hide that secret."

Teenage lovebirds Jared and Shalisha have defied 'social norms'. They have successfully managed to elope into a village called Freely Ferns that has been uninhabited for decades. Their secret wedding is to take place in a cathedral with the help of their comrade Rodney. But little do they know what the place has in store for them.

Lies, mysteries, ghosts from the past, and fate conspire to take the characters on a roller coaster ride. But Dr Morfeu, whom they meet in Freely Ferns Village, will somehow lead them all towards their destiny exposing their nasty secrets along the way.

Nida Sayed is a writer from Goa with a Master's degree in English from Goa University. You can follow her on Twitter on the handle @Nidsay
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