The American Economy: The Struggle for Supremacy in the 21st Century

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This work focuses on the economic challenges the American economy has met during the post-World War II era, and on the new challenges which confront it.


Preface; Part I. A Challenge Met: 1. Postwar growth and change; 2. Government-business relationship; Part II. The New Challenge and its Implications: 3. The challenge; 4. The implications; Part III. The Long Run Development of the US Economy: 5. The structural transformations; 6. The state machine and the evolving economy; Part IV. The Road Ahead: 7. New priorities; 8. Contests at technological frontiers.


'Mr. Spulber lucidly discusses US economic growth over the past four decades, focusing on the changing nature of government-business relations, the strength of US technological progress and the 'proliferation of strategic international alliances, joint venture mergers, and acquisitions of foreign firms' in which the US plays the leading role.' Charles Wolf, Jr, Wall Street Journal 'Professor Spulber's book gives a balanced response to 'declinists' and advocates of industrial policy. He reminds us that a free, market economy corrects its mistakes and moves forward without the wastes of planning.' Allan H. Meltzer, Carnegie Mellon University 'This book makes a contribution in its effective criticism of industrial planning, as the concept has come to be called, and its discussion of the problems and promises of technological change. Professor Spulber provides a consistent and effective counterpoint to such centralized planning as Robert Heilbroner, Albert Gore, Robert Reich, and others have called for.' Gene Smiley, Marquette University '... a welcome contrast to much of the polemical literature in this area, being firmly grounded in economic analysis and quantitative evidence but remaining accessible and clearly written.' Economic History Review
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