The Complete Vegetarian Book Box

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Two beautiful volumes offer a definitive guide to vegetarian wholefood ingredients with a total of over 300 classic and original recipes to choose from. Includes a comprehensive directory of vegetables, fruit, seeds, pulses, grains, legumes and dairy products.


Linda Fraser is a highly experienced author and editor. She was Cookery Editor on the successful BBC Good Food magazine and has since written and edited dozens of best-selling titles. Nicola Graimes was editor of Vegetarian Living magazine for five years and has written many articles on vegetarian food and healthy eating for both trade and consumer magazines. Nicola is particularly interested in the healing aspects of food and is a strong advocate of organic foods.
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Untertitel: An Inspired Approach to Healthy Eating in Two Fabulous Step-by-step Cookbooks. colour illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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