Technology in Education: Looking Toward 2020

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Oktober 1988



Some of today's educational experts were asked to envision the year 2020, when technology has assumed a major role in elementary and secondary education. The informed conjecture that followed is contained in this volume; contributors offer visions of the future as well as specific steps that could turn those visions into realities. Innovative ideas for research, development, hardware, software, teacher training, technical assistance, organizational and cultural change are offered as a means to illuminate the potential role of technology in the educational systems of tomorrow.
"Technology in Education" is a thought-provoking statement of what can and should be done to advance the application of technology to education over the next few decades. As such, it should be read by all researchers and professionals in educational technology.


Contents: J.L. Schwartz, C.L. Thompson, Foreword. P.P. Zodhiates, Preface. R.S. Nickerson, Technology in Education in 2020: Thinking About the Not-Distant Future. T.K. Landauer, Education in a World of Omnipotent and Omniscient Technology. H.E. Gardner, Mobilizing Resources for Individual-Centered Education. A. DiSessa, What Will It Mean to be "Educated" in 2020? A.H. Schoenfeld, Mathematics, Technology, and Higher-Order Thinking. W. Feurzeig, Apprentice Tools: Students as Practitioners. E. Soloway, It's 2020: Do You Know What Your Children are Learning in Programming Class? L.B. Resnick, A. Johnson, Intelligent Machines for Intelligent People: Cognitive Theory and the Future of Computer-Assisted Learning. R.D. Pea, Putting Knowledge to Use. S. M. Malcom, Technology in 2020: Educating a Diverse Population. D.K. Cohen, Educational Technology and School Organization. J. Minstrell, Teachers' Assistants: What Could Technology Make Feasible? W.H. Bossert, The Use of Technology to Improve Two Key Classroom Relationships. R.S. Nickerson, Summary.
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