Unity and Variety: A History of the Church in Devon and Cornwall

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Januar 1991



A collaborative history of the Church in a large, diverse and interesting region of England by six historians, ranging from Celtic and Saxon times, through the middle ages, Reformation, rise of Nonconformity and the Victorian era, down to the present day and encompassing all the main Christian denominations.


Illustrations and Text Figures, vi; List of Contributors, ix; Foreword by Church Leaders, x; Introduction, xi; 1 From the Beginnings to 1050 Nicholas Orme, 1; 2 From 1050 to 1307 Christopher Holdsworth, 23; 3 The Later Middle Ages and the Reformation Nicholas Orme, 53; 4 The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries Jonathan Barry, 81; 5 The Nineteenth Century: The Church of England John Thurmer, 109; 6 The Nineteenth Century: Nonconformity Bruce Coleman, 129; 7 The Twentieth Century; Part 1: Cornwall, Michael Winter, 157; Part 2: Devon and General, Nicholas Orme, 175; Lists of Bishops, 199; References, 203; Further Reading, 223; Index, 231.


Nicholas Orme is Professor of History in the University of Exeter. He has written widely on religious, educational and social history. He is the leading authority on Church history in the South West of England.
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