Justice, Society and Nature: An Exploration of Political Ecology

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Moving straight to the heart of pressing international and national concerns, Nicholas Low and Brendan Gleeson explore the issues of environment and development, fair treatment of humans and non-humans, and the justice of the social and economic systems which affect the health and safety of the peoples of the world. Current grass-roots concerns such as the environmental justice movement in the U.S., and the ethics of the international regulation of development are examined. This book is essential reading for those seeking to understand current discussions in environmental politics, justice and ecology. The authors take debates beyond mere complaint about the injustice of the world economy, and suggest what should now be done to do justice to nature.


Chapter 1. Justice In and To the Environment Chapter 2. Disappearing Justice? Chapter 3. Bases of Justice Chapter 4. Political Justice Chapter 5. Environmental Justice: Distributing Environmental Quality Chapter 6. Ecological Justice: Rethinking the Bases Chapter 7. Justice and Nature: New Constitutions? Chapter 8. The Dialectic of Justice and Nature Bibliography Index
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