Internal Medicine: The Essential Facts

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Februar 2000



This revision of a popular title gives an overview of internal medicine, highly relevant as a study and clinical aid. Complex material is distilled and organized in a logical, succinct and accessible way, with integration of clinical, laboratory/imaging and therapeutic information.


Preface. Acknowledgements. Abbreviations. 1 Epidemiology, sSatistics and Evaluation of the Literature. 2 Pharmacology. 3 Cardiology. 4 Respiratory Medicine. 5 Gastroenterology. 6 Hepatology. 7 Nephrology. 8 Neurology. 9 Endocrinology. 10 Haematology. 11 Oncology and palliative medicine. 12 Immunology and allergy. 13 Rheumatology. 14 Infectious diseases. 15 Medical dermatology. 16 Psychiatry. Index.


"Money extremely well spent, I would recommend it to anyone trying to pass finals at the moment." (Sphincter, Liverpool Medical Studentsa Society Magazine) "This is an excellent pocket--sized edition, which will prove to be invaluable in revision for the membership examinations... A useful reference book, both for learning and revision. It achieves what many MCQ books fail to deliver -- the complete answer, not just the reason why a stem is correct..." (Barts and the London Chronicle, Autumn 2000) "...It is tight--lipped. It neatly summarises each field/subject. It uses tables and bulleted sentences. It fits neatly into a pocket. It tells you nothing that isna t essential. Ita s about internal medicine. It does exactly what is says on the cover." (Black Bag -- Bristol Medical School Gazette, 2000)
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