Understanding the Divorce Cycle

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Growing up in a divorced family can cause the children to have difficulties in maintaining relationships. Nicholas Wolfinger demonstrates the significant impact of parental divorce upon people's lives and society. The divorce cycle phenomena ensures the transmission of divorce from one generation to the next. This book examines how it has transformed family life in contemporary America by drawing on two national data sets. Compared to people from intact families, the children of divorced parents are more likely to marry as teenagers, but less likely to wed overall. They are more likely to marry other people from divorced families, but more likely to dissolve second and third marriages, and less likely to marry their live-in partners.


1. Introduction; 2. Why divorce begets divorce; 3. Coupling and uncoupling; 4. How strong is the divorce cycle?; 5. Historical developments; 6. The Cohabitation Revolution; 7. Conclusion.


Nicholas Wolfinger is an Associate Professer at the University of Utah. He is the co-editor of the book Fragile Families and the Marriage Agenda. He has published widely in journals such as Demography, Social Forces and Journal of Family Issues. He is the recipient of the University of Utah's Superior Research Award, 2004.


'This is an insightful book; not only does the author attempt to explain the mechanisms through which divorce could be transmitted from one generation to the next, but some of the surprising findings also point to avenues for further research ... In sum, this book underscores the need for more research on cross-generational marital behaviour over the life course. I applaud Wolfinger's success in using plain language to elucidate the intricate phenomenon of the divorce cycle for an academic as well as general audiences.' Population Studies 'The story about divorce is far from uniformly positive, but one cannot conceal some positive changes; therefore this book is a must-read for research scholars and policy makers.' Journal for the Study of Marriage and Spirituality
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