Urdu-English/English-Urdu Dictionary and Phrasebook

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These language dictionaries and phrasebooks from Hippocrene target language and are designed with the needs of the student or traveler in mind.


Poverty, illbeing and wellbeing; The development environment; Stakeholders in community development; The principles of community development; The features and outcome of community development; The community as main actor in community development; The place and role of community development workers; Community development workers and their organisations; Participatory decision-making, problem-solving and management; Communication skills; Group facilitation and leadership development; Conflict resolution, mediation and negotiation; Mobilisation and motivation; Operational writing; Meetings; Public speaking; Contact-making; Participatory research methodology; The start of a project; Planning and implementation; Evaluation and control; The training dialogue; Planning and presenting a training workshop.


Nicholas Awde is a writer and regional consultant based in the Caucasus and Central Asia. Peter Maghashyan is a freelance journalist, analyst, and consultant on regional, political, and economic issues. He is based in Yerevan, Armenia.
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