Hope Breaks Out with Singing

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November 2007



Welcome!! Here is a brief introduction to the book titled Hope Breaks Out With Singing. It is a book for everyone seeking to enrich his or her life by exploring God's answer to various issues of life including the value and potentials of man, God's plans and promises, as well as, His greatness as the Almighty Creator. The Holy Bible is full of true life stories about people who experienced pressures, grief, temptations, discriminations, battles, as well as joy, peace, liberation, miracles and victories. Today, despite the vast increase in knowledge, as reflected in the advances we see in almost every aspect of living, everyday life is still very much punctuated by turbulent, often seemingly hopeless, situations. More than ever, people are searching for hope as an anchor. In the Holy Bible, God also reveals Himself and His nature including His love, excellence, power, compassion, mercy, justice, holiness, faithfulness, kindness and wisdom. In Hope Breaks Out With Singing, excerpts from the Bible are presented in a personally relevant way as a tool for prayer and reflection on whom God is, as well as, His promises to man - His beloved creation. Here's what God says, "For I Know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope." - Jeremiah 29 verse 11 It is the author's hope that your exploration through this book will draw you closer to God, and build in you, the hope that sings in any and every situation. It definitely promises to be a life-changing experience for anyone who wants to view the Creator as the expert in dealing with what He has created. Without a doubt, this is a book that should be kept within reach atall times.

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