Comrades and Cousins: Globalization, Workers and Labour Movements in Britain, the USA and Australia from the 1880s to 1914

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August 2003



This cross-national comparative labor history examines the movement's attitudes toward class, race, and politics in Britain, Australia, and the United States during the era of New Imperialism, 1880-1914. Teasing out similarities and considering peculiarities among nations, this research explores contemporary implications and addresses the role of labor in today's globalized world. Primary sources complement the comparative geographical focus.


Introduction - Labour in an International Context. - Chapter One: The Rule of Class and the Power of Race: Socialist Attitudes to Class, Race and Empire. - Chapter Two: Transatlantic Connections and America 'Peculiarities': Labour Politics in the USA and Britain. - Chapter Three: The Australian 'Workman's Paradise' in Comparative Perspective. - Conclusion: Summary of key themes and findings, especially labour's inclusive and exclusive approaches to class and race. Plus the implications of these approaches for the role of labour in today's globalised world.


Professor of Social and Labour History at the Manchester Metropolitan University. He is the author of The Growth of Working Class Reformism in Mid Victorian England, (1985), Labour and Society in Britain and the USA 1780-1939, (1994), and Change Continuity and Class: Labour in British Society 1850-1920 (1998).

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