Rhino Chasers

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Juni 2003



A story of surf, friendship and the long road to adulthood. They drove to the edge of fear and back, but still had time to surf. A dead-end life. A big-wave dream. An epic surfari. School's out, but Goog is about to learn three new Rs - relationships, responsibility and revenge - as he and Castro go barrelling across the country in Aldo's old Kingswood. Sharks the size of trucks, a sinister hitchhiker, campervan tourists, neo-nazis, wild-haired surf fiends - three guys can get into a lot of trouble covering four thousand kilometres of coastline.


Neil Grant was born in Scotland and spent his teenage years learning to speak Australian. He graduated from The International School of Kuala Lumpur in 1985 and spent a large part of his adult life travelling and working on his resume. On occasion, he has been an instrument steriliser, a forklift driver, a banana picker, a dishwasher and a brickie's labourer. ..When he manages to make it down for a surf, he rides a 5'10 Quarra kneeboard. It is testament to his lack of commitment in this field that other surfers recognise this board as a vintage piece. ..Neil lives in Diamond Creek, Victoria, but he escapes as often as possible with his family to the far south coast of New South Wales, where they stay in a mud-brick house that Neil built himself...His love of the water and wild places has led him to write about those things.


'There's a lot to like about this exciting road novel ... Imagine Endless Surferas directed by David Lynch. Grant's vivid description of surfing action is awesome; likewise his ability to describe changing landscapes in a few strokes ... Grant's ear for speech is unerring ... events unfold with relentless energy ... Rhino Chasersis a powerful and promising debut; the best surfing novel since Kem Nunn's Dogs of Winter.'Mike Shuttleworth, Australian Bookseller & Publisher, April 2002.'exceptional adventure style ... suspenseful and gripping writing'Nerida Hamer, Pages Bookshop
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