Universe Down to Earth

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This witty and amusing exploration of the physical universe explains fundamental concepts in language that is clear to anyone with little or no scientific background. Tyson transforms everyday experiences into venues of cosmic enlightenment as he probes the philosophy, methods, and discoveries of science, including stellar evolution, the conservation of energy, the electromagnetic spectrum, gravity and thermodynamics. Deftly demystifying astronomical terms and concepts such as the Big Bang, black holes, redshifts, syzygy, and Kirkwood Gaps, Universe Down to Earth traces the life of the stars from birth to death; presents the Periodic Table of Elements, highlighting noteworthy elements such as titanium, iron, and hydrogen; gives an unorthodox yet entertaining tour of famous constellations; and tackles modern-day astrology.


PrefaceAcknowledgementsList of FiguresOne: Methods of Science1. A Sentimental Journey to the GoogolplexA romp through numbers big and small2. The Structure of ScienceBehind the scenes of the scientific process3. Measure for PleasureMeasurement is the lifeblood of all science4. The Confused Person's Guide to Astronomical JargonNames and words that do not always mean what they sayTwo: Some Unifying Ideas in the Physical Universe5. Center of MassYou will never leave home without it6. EnergyWhere it comes from and where it goes7. The Electromagnetic SpectrumThe world of light8. Shapes of RadiationWhy blue-hot is hotter than red-hot9. The Hertzsprung-Russell DiagramThe most unifying concept in all astronomy10. Highlights from the Periodic Table of the ElementsSome of your best friends are composed of elementsThree: Astronomy is Looking Up11. MenagerieA cynic's guide to the constellations12. HorrorscopeAn astronomer's rebuttal13. Celestial WindingsMaking sense of heavenly motionsSuggested ReadingIndex


Neil de Grasse Tyson


"A delightful, witty, informal, and wise guide to a sampling of essential principles, processes, and concepts of science." -- Skeptical Inquirer
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